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The Power of Money

Let's all hope that Salam Fayyad gets the support he needs. The Palestinian Authority's new Finance Minsiter wants to change the corrupt system, but he's pretty much the only one. I have faith, though, that the vast majority of Palestinians are sick and tired of the cronyism that forms the basis of their non-government. They want thier police to stop at traffic lights, and get paid through legal means just like normal citizens. This man represents the real backroom power at play. Godspeed.

What else do you expect from the pascifists?

Europe, the land of peace lovers, is second only to the Middle East in terms of Anti-Semitism.

Everyone's talking about Sultanna Freeman
and whether or not she should be able to wear her veil on the driver's license. I have a couple of thoughts on the issue.

First, it's an identification card, we need to be able to identify her. Backing up this assertion is ... Muslim countries, even the most strict of them. Look at the chart at the bottom of the article, and you can see a list. The only exception is Saudi Arabia, who doesn't allow women to drive. For the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, a passport is needed with a photo that clearly shows a woman's features. For the picture in Iran, women are required to wear the tchador, which does not cover the face. It seems that if the only Islamic Theocracy has women go uncovered, we shouldn't worry. Furthermore, where are all the "separation of church and state" advocates now??? Somehow it's not ok to give parents the money spent on educating thier kids so they can spend it in a religious school, but it is ok for someone's personal religious beliefs to trump national security. Shouldn't the wall of separation have graffiti on it that says "religion doesn't overrule the law"? But do we really expect consistency from Liberals?

With that being said, I don't necessarily agree with the conclusion that we should make her show her face. For example, an AP article reported that some states don't make fundamentalist Christians show their face if it's against their beliefs. Second, for the purposes of work eligibility, we all have to fill out the I-9 form. The documents for identification don't need to have pictures, they just need to list vital information. I think there can be a compromise met between religious freedom and national security. For the purposes of identification, if a muslim woman wants to keep her veil on for her driver's license, we'll just verify her identity using fingerprints. If she is ever pulled over for a traffic violation, simply take her down to the station automatically and run her prints. This is enough of a hassle, that it would dissuade some from covering up for the picture. As for international travel, I'm not so sure a compromise such as this can be met. Passports probably still need pictures. And then there is the issue of credit card fraud, but the damage is minimal.

Think of the PR boost this could give us in the Muslim world. We respect Islam so much that we are more tolerant than Muslim countries when it comes to allowing adherents to do as they wish. We need the good publicity.

Free at last!

I've done it! I got the blog to a place I like. Now I can finally focus on content instead of form. I know, it might seem harsh at first, but I hope the color scheme will become comforting to you, the readers. I like the green on black, it takes me back to my childhood. And the red on black ... that's just evil, so I threw in the white to counter-balance it. The orange is just there for the hell of. I spent 30 minutes trying to decide between the orange you see here, or hot pink.

I'm working on getting my blog up and running.

I didn't realize I would have to learn some html code. I've been up for a couple of hours now in the co-op computer lab, trying to figure it out. I feel like I'm accomplishing something. Maybe making myself a better person. I can now program web pages to look like cutting edge technology ... if it were 1998. But hey, I guess having the basics down isn't bad.

I have a lot of work to do this weekend, so I shouldn't give much time to the blog. I assuredly will, and hate myself for it later. Until I figure more out, see ya.

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